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We are style mavens and wardrobe wizards. Call us, tweet us, e-mail us 24/7. These are our specialities:

Supreme Style

If you are stuck in a rut and all your clothes look the same, if you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear, if your life has changed but your personal style has not evolved with it, or you wonder why some items look better on a hanger, you need a Supreme Style session. Supreme Style is the ultimate transformation package which will reveal your inner goddess. It will leave you looking ravishing and feeling rejuvenated and uber confident! During this session we will teach you how to be the best version of yourself and will define unique style parameters for you. After the session, you will receive an Imageology personalized Style File, developed to assist you during your style and image transition.

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Express Style

If you know more or less where you’re headed when it comes to your style and what suits you, and simply need confirmation, Express Style is just for you. We will meet at a coffee shop to discuss the 3 major aesthetic principles surrounding your look, and will work together to refine your desired image. You will receive an Imageology personalized Style File detailing your unique look after the session.

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Corporate Climber

If you’re an achiever and it’s the corporate ladder you want to climb at a rapid pace, this package is the one for you! You are your own brand and you need to sell yourself. If you create the perception of being smart and successful, you will be considered to be just that. Corporate Climber will teach you how to package and position yourself so that CEO’s take note of the value you add to their organisation. We will show you how to dress the image you want to convey and how to align your image with where you want to go.

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Style Session & Lookbook Creation

Did you know that most people wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time?

A Style Session is designed to help you to maximize your wardrobe by mixing and matching your current items and accessories to create new outfits you didn’t know you had. You will also learn what looks and trends work for you and why.

During the session, a shopping list will be created for you with key items (that can be purchased with or without us) to take your current wardrobe to the next level. Photographs of your newly-styled outfits are also taken during the session to create a personal Lookbook, so that you don’t forget a single look. This is a 2½ hour session in the privacy of your own home and works best after a Supreme Style or Express Style session.


Wardrobe Detox

Detoxes are great for our bodies. Our cupboards too! You need this detox if you have the “I-have-a-cupboard-full-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear” syndrome.

We will weed out the tired styles and rid your wardrobe of anything unbecoming. As well as sharing our knowledge regarding the must-have wardrobe essentials, we will determine your existing wardrobe gaps and suggest items to create the perfect wardrobe that is full of clothes you love and items that make you feel great! By creating clothing capsules we will provide you with a savvier, sassier multi-tasking wardrobe. Getting dressed every morning will be an absolute pleasure.

Wardrobe Detox happens in the comfort of your home and lasts for approximately 3 hours.

Chic Shopper

Does nothing seem to fit or look right on you? Do you waste money on clothes you never wear? Do you feel guilty about all the unworn items hanging in your wardrobe? Never again when you book a Chic Shopper session! We will shop with you and show you how to buy only what looks amazing on you. As you try on items, we will educate you on the appropriate silhouettes, fabrics and brands to look for when shopping on your own. Chic shopper will save you a great deal of time and money, and will get you looking incredible.

You also have the option of shopping with or without us. If you opt for us to shop on your behalf, we will bring the clothes to your home for you to try on.

Chic Shopper is available after a Supreme Style or an Express Style Session, and lasts for upwards of 2 hours. It is tailored to your unique colour palette, your budget, your body shape, your style Gemprint and your lifestyle requirements.

Seasonal update shopping is also available to keep your wardrobe up-to-date and to add unique and special pieces.

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