Here’s what just a handful of our happy clients have had to say…

Thanks so much for everything Kelly! I really enjoyed our session. I am constantly thinking about the colours and looking out for some nice gold accessories!

Kim P

Thank you for all your info Kelly! It has really made my life much easier! I now know that I can actually wear yellow and different colours that I wouldn’t normally buy, without feeling worried or that I am wasting my money! Thank you!

Bianca M

The girls loved you and found what you gave them so useful: Andrea really enjoyed what you said about hair colour. Lauren has been consulting her colour chart madly and telling us that she will change into other colours РBUT AT HER OWN PACE!

Barbara S

Thanks so much Kelly! I now have the confidence to wear colours, which I never did! My boyfriend and my family are very impressed.

Dawn S

Wow! Thanks so much for the Brilliant talk!!! The Ladies absolutely LOVED it and so did I.

Maria H

I love everything we bought and so does my husband, friends and family!!! If getting me to be a more confident shopper was one of your goals, then you’ve achieved it! I love my new look and I’m also getting pretty good with my makeup these days. Definitely using your advice and tips.

Jacinda D

Thanks so much, Kelly. I was wearing gold drop earrings yesterday with green top and my boyfriend kept saying “I don’t know why but you just look lovely today!”. Hee hee. I know why! Thank you so much!

Jerusha S

Kelly, I had a great day with you and you have helped me tremendously! I cannot wait to come to SA again as you are going to be one of the first people I phone. Thank you so much for all your effort! I have laminated my colour chart and it goes everywhere with me. I have even cleaned out my cupboard and thrown out a lot of clothes and have room for all new ones! If only you were here in Dubai, I would definitely bring you along on my shopping trips!

Lindy D

My husband loves my new look and he says you are really good at what you do!

Cindy B

I highly recommend Kelly. One of her points that she reiterates as important is that when you open your wardrobe you should feel happy and excited about the clothes in it. Well, I now do! Since she has worked with me I have more confidence in the way I look and I have learnt to step out of my comfort zone and try styles that compliment me and my figure instead of hiding them. Every cent spent has paid off. I get complimented on how nice I look and how I am losing weight. If they only knew!

Fleur C