In today’s aggressive and global marketplace, successful businesses spend money developing the integrity and brand of their products and/or services. Branding helps to ensure that a product or service stands out from the rest. The astute and forward-thinking organizations then take it to the next level – they invest in the integrity and brand identity of their most valuable asset, their employees.

Companies compete on brand perception. It is your workforce who embody your brand. In today’s visual world we are sophisticated interpreters of non-verbal messages. We make key judgments and decisions based on visual information alone, as 85% of what we process comes through the eyes. If somebody doesn’t look the part, we’re often not convinced. It’s imperative that employees make a great first impression.

Whatever your company’s dress code, employees often struggle with balancing an updated, individual style with a professional corporate dress code. Imageology’s corporate services will ensure that your employees feel comfortable in what they wear as well as exude professionalism for a win-win situation.

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small organization we will help your employees to look and feel great every day. We will boost confidence levels which will turn increase productivity.

We are available for Corporate team building sessions, image workshops, empowerment programs, and as keynote speakers.

Did you know?

Research has shown that when armed with knowledge specific to their appearance, employees’ personal confidence is increased, their attitudes improve, they are more apt to work as a team and their potential for promotion is increased.

Imageology’s corporate services are designed to help companies gain the competitive advantage. The objective is to boost awareness of your brand and company image amongst your staff thereby attaining a unified corporate image and stronger brand synergy. We will help to create efficient brand ambassadors.

Let Imageology help you establish a presence that instantly conveys professionalism, competence and credibility. Some of our corporate clients include NEDBANK, INVESTEC, CELL C, SANLAM, BROADBAND INFRACO, PAM GOLDING, CRAWFORD COLLEGE, 3M and PREMIER FMCG.

Key Benefits to Business

  • Shows investment in staff
  • Raises levels of staff commitment and morale
  • Improves performance
  • Increases market share
  • Increased ability to attract investors
  • Increased ability to attract and retain talent
  • Increased ability to gain customer recognition by creating a positive, polished and professional environment
  • A new and different approach to personal development

Key Benefits to Staff

  • Raises awareness of the importance of making a positive impression through appearance
  • Staff learn how non-verbal communications affect business decisions and how to convey effective messages
  • Empowers staff with styles and colours that flatter them
  • Creates increased self-confidence resulting in excellent productivity

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